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Camp Fire
What Should I Bring?

We offer most everything you'll need and many things you'd want. However, to be extra comfy, we recommend bringing a fire/charcoal starter, bug spray (please do not spray in tents), a bear canister for extra food, a sleeping bag or extra blanket. Pack long pants, boots/socks, if you plan to hike. You'll want to bring any food you'd like to prepare during your stay, a water bottle, shower shoes, a cell phone charger or power pack, a flashlight or headlamp, charcoal for the grills, and a cooler with ice. If you plan to swim, don't forget your swimwear. It is a great idea to visit The Host.Co to make sure you are not missing anything that you might need during your stay.

Do You Provide Wi-Fi?

Free WIFI is available at the campsites through Starlink. We have a dedicated router just for our campers, so the bandwidth should be very reliable, especially in common areas. In the Summer months, tree growth may obstruct the signal from the router to more distant sites. Alpine does not get good reception inside, but you should have reception outside.


In case of a power outage, never fear - we have backup generators that we can run during normal business hours, so you can feel confident staying in touch at Radio Ranch. Perfect for remote workers!

I Booked...Now What?

Yay! You should receive an automated welcome email (or message within your booking platform) within 24 hours of booking containing the address, parking directions and link to our Contract. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours, please email us or send us a message through your chosen booking platform. You will need the address and gate code to enter. Cell service may not be available until you connect to our guest Wi-fi, so please do not leave your starting point without this information.

How Do I Book a Massage?

What better way to treat yourself to a little R&R than to book spa services at Radio Ranch? Tune In Massage Works offers on-site professional massage and energy work to guests for an additional charge. Please visit their website for a menu of services. Email  ahead of your stay (preferred) or visit The Host.Co to book and pay.



How Do I Add Services?

After booking your stay, if you'd like to add pet services, firewood, a gold panning experience, a Bigfoot Encounter Photoshoot, a private tour, spa services (like our famous Herbal Tea Bath), or one of our concierge services like a rafting trip, please contact us via email as soon as possible, or visit our online store: The Host.Co to ensure those arrangements are available during your stay. Please note that some service must be added as much as two weeks in advance.

What Do We Do In Case of Emergency?

In the unlikely event of an emergency, call 911. If you do not have cell service, be sure you are connected to WIFI calling. Please inform us of an emergency as soon as possible. Willow Creek Open Door Clinic is the closest doctor's offices, but accepts clients by appointment only. The closest hospital is Mad River Hospital in Arcata, CA. Six Rivers Medical Center in Willow Creek accepts walk-ins on a first come first serve basis. An alternative hospital can be found in Eureka, CA at St. Joseph's. Please practice safety measures, stay on designated paths and use the buddy system. Radio Ranch and its partners can not be held liable for any injuries or medical emergencies on or off property. Please see our Contract for more information.

Are Pets Allowed?

Pets are allowed for a small fee. Pets must be kept on leashes at all times for their safety and the safety of our other guests. When booking your stay, please add the pet fee or visit The Host. Co to add the fee after booking. Visit our Contract Page for our full Pet Policy.

We are excited to announce that included with each pet fee, your furry friend will receive their very own welcome gifts because pets can GLAMP too!

Please remember to never leave your pet in a tent or vehicle alone.

Can I Check In After Dark?

It is not advised. Be aware that the roads are considered difficult to navigate by some and finding your site can be a challenge after dark. We usually host multiple campers at a time, so please be considerate. One of the things that makes our camp really special is our light “show” that comes on around dusk. You don't want to miss it! Our water well is just off of the driveway in the parking lot. There are red reflectors on it, so please watch for those. If you hit it, you are liable for the damage. There is a steep cliff along the side of the driveway. Please go slowly, it’s a steep gravel road. Watch for wildlife.


All this being said, we absolutely trust our campers to do what makes them comfortable. We understand life happens and travel can be unpredictable, so go with your gut.  Safety first!

Do You Provide Bear Boxes?

We do not provide bear boxes. Commercial bear boxes are usually used at National Parks where bears are more used to people. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to keep bears away from your food, but here are some helpful tips:

- Hang a bear bag from trees, 100 yds from your tent (and others).

- Bring a bear canister.

- Avoid bringing smelly foods like raw meats.

- Avoid cooking by bringing raw consumable foods.

- Only bring enough food for your stay.

- Carry bear spray.

- Remove clothing you cooked in and store it away from your tent.

Always practice safety when it comes to wildlife. Never approach wildlife and always leave wildlife an exit. If you see a bear, yelling and making noise will usually scare them away without incident. 

Lost & Left Items

If you accidentally left something behind, please reach out to as ASAP. We will be happy to look for your lost item. If we find lost items and do not know who the owner is, we can hold it for up to two weeks after the date it is found. We will gladly ship it to you or arrange to meet you at the property to pick it up. We ask that you please pay the cost of shipping.


Please understand that we will not be able to reach out to you, as we might not be sure which guest left the item. After two weeks, the item will be disposed of. Radio Ranch is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

How Do I Secure My Tent?

There are zippers on each tent. If you are concerned about the security of certain items, we recommend locking them in your car, taking them with you, or bringing a small luggage lock to put through the zippers on your tent. Radio Ranch is not responsible for security or stolen items. 

Why Does My Dog Have To Be On A Leash?

Radio Ranch is located in a rural, residential area and sometimes our neighbor's dogs may wander onto the property. We require all guests' dogs be on a leash to avoid conflict with roaming dogs as well as for the safety of our free-range chickens, our cats and our dog, Cassie. Additionally, we have some poison oak. If your dog walks through poison oak, it can spread the oils to your tent, bedding, clothing, etc. Poison mushrooms can also grow wild here. Foxtails and star thistle grow here in the Spring and Summer and pose a threat to our furry friends. Foxtails can get stuck in dog paws and require vet attention. To keep pets on trails to avoid painful run-ins with harmful plants and animals, leashes are required. 

Remember, not all guests are pet people, so do not allow your dog to approach other guests unless this is welcomed. For everyone's comfort and safety, please leash up.

Are Sites ADA Compliant?

Unfortunately, our sites are not recommended for those with certain disabilities or mobility limitations. Making our sites accessible would create an undue hardship on the environment and business. In order to make an informed decision for your comfort level, please note that our walkways are gravel. Sites are up-hill. Some sites are only accessible by crossing a small bridge. Sites and restrooms require a step up to enter. Restrooms and kitchen area are a one to three minute walk from each site.

Service dogs are welcome, but please be prepared to answer what duty they perform in order for your pet fee to be waived. 

 We are a fragrance free facility so we can try to accommodate most people with MCS, MCA, chronic migraines, asthma COPD and more. Please refrain from using fragrances in tents and common areas.

Be aware there are some flashing lights that may be a concern to those with certain triggers.

If you need any additional information regarding accessibility, please do not hesitate to reach out to us before you book.

Weddings And Private Events...

Our in-house Event Coordinator has over 15 years of event planning experience. Planning special events is her passion. Work with us to make your special occasions something really memorable. Please contact us to receive our packages and pricing.


We invite you to schedule a site visit to see if Radio Ranch is right for you. 

Ask about our whole campsite rental for groups!

I Am On The Property And I Have Questions! What Do I Do?

Our property manager is always monitoring messages and will gladly answer your inquiries in a timely manner (usually within an hour), but be aware that she can not be on call 24/7. Messages sent after 9PM PT may not be seen until the following day. We provide Wi-Fi so you can Google most anything you might need such as "how to operate the grill" and "how to start a campfire." We encourage you to ask Google if you do not hear from us right away. Please be considerate of our time and kindly do not reach out to us after 9 PM unless it is to notify us of an emergency situation. We offer a concierge service available that is perfect for first-time campers who need a little extra help. Add the concierge service at The Host. Co. 


Please do not enter our private space. We live on the property and our home is located at the end of the driveway. Hikers are more than welcome to hike past our home, but please do not knock on our door or peer through our windows (yes, this has happened). Thank you for your understanding.

More On Late Check-In

We advise in our confirmation email, sent the day of booking as well as on our website, as well as on your day-of check in message to not arrive after dark. If you choose to arrive after dark, that is your choice. You are responsible for finding your site, and for any damage caused to property or to our other guests. Be sure to bring a flashlight! Do not under any circumstances approach our home after dark. It is understandably very uncomfortable having strangers approach our private space in the middle of the night. 

There are ample signs to help guide your way as soon as you enter the gate. You should plan your trip in advance and make sure you know when you will arrive.  Please be prepared ahead of your departure. Remember this is a camping trip, so please prepare accordingly.


We want you to have a great, stress-free vacay! 

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Guests can cancel 14 days before check-in for a full refund. If guests cancel after that, you'll pay for each night you stay, plus 1 additional night, plus 50% for all unspent nights.

Booking platforms like Hipcamp and Airbnb may have slightly different cancellation policies. We will always adhere to our cancellation policies, regardless of individual circumstances. We will not accept trip change requests within our cancelation policy.

For add-on items, we allow cancellations 48 hours in advance for a full refund. If you cancel after 48 hours before your check-in or scheduled appointment (i.e. massage), we can not offer a refund.

We do not offer a refund for unused items like firewood. Leave unused items at your site to "pay it forward" to the next guest. 

If you make a reservation during fire season, unfortunately we cannot offer a refund for wildfire smoke. You can monitor the air quality ahead of your trip and determine if you will be comfortable camping within the time frame of our cancellation policy. 

Regrettably, we cannot offer a refund for "acts of god," rain, cold, heat, government mandates or road closures. It is a good idea to consider using travel insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances.

Is Radio Ranch Kid Friendly?

Guests should be at least 21 to book. This is an adult retreat that caters to couples, small groups, and solo travelers. 

Each site only sleeps 2 guests. (Exception: If you have a 3rd guest in Zenith, please pay the additional guest fee).

There is reading material with some adult language in the tents. There may, at times, be some art on or around the property that may not be suitable for sensitive viewers. There are steep cliffs with no railing. There are sharp knives in the kitchen area. There is the possibility of encountering wildlife.

Our camp is not made for rough play.  Radio Ranch is a cannabis-friendly property. Children may be exposed to cannabis growing or being consumed.

That being said, we do not take away the opportunity for parents to experience this awesome space with their children if they choose. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times if under the age of 12. You must be booked in Zenith and add a 3rd guest through the Host.Co link if there are more than 2 in your party. Adults assume all risks and personal liability for any damage or additional cleaning caused by children. Radio Ranch is not responsible for accidents or injuries. 

Why Is There A Pet Fee?

Everything in our camp is a la cart in an effort to keep our nightly rates affordable. To keep from charging everyone a cleaning fee, anyone bringing an animal must pay the pet fee because there is additional cleaning associated with pets. 

There is also additional trash, which we must pay to dispose of. We provide potable water for people and pets. For the convenience of those who need to travel with their pets, we want to continue to offer this as an add-on service, so please pay your pet fee.  We are excited to announce that starting August 2023, each pet fee will include a "doggy (or kitty) bag" for your furry friend because pets can glamp too!

Trash Talk

We pay to dispose of garbage by the pound. Trash is loaded by hand into the back of our pickup truck and driven 130 miles to the dump. We ask that guests please only use our trash cans for garbage that is created on site. If you find yourself needing to clean out your whole car from a long road trip, please use the garbage bins at a gas station.


DO NOT liter our beautiful highway!

Please do not use the compost for anything other than food scraps. Please only put CRV recyclables into the recycling. 

Be sure to only dispose of food waste in our bear bin located in the kitchen area. 

Fishing & Swimming

Just 5 minutes from our parking lot (East on 299) is Cedar Flat, a beautiful Trinity river access point with little beach’s and great fishing/swimming and even bathrooms! It’s usually not crowded. There are plenty of other river access points up and down 299 that are marked “river access”. We invite you to take  a dip in the creek at the top of our Wild Ginger waterfall trail if you dare. It can be a really fun swimming hole to cool off in. Water shoes are highly recommended. 
If you’re not familiar with the area, we are about 1 hour from the coast where you can fish from any pier without a license or from the shore with the appropriate license, during the appropriate season. Guests are responsible for making sure they follow all local laws. Book a local fishing guide to find the best spots!

Tips To Stay Cool

If you are visiting us in the Summer months, it can get pretty warm during the late afternoon. Follow these helpful tips to stay cool:

Ventilate your tent. Each tent comes with netted windows that you will want to keep open to allow air flow.

Head to the river. Many locals spend late afternoons in the Summer at the Trinity River. Nothing cools you off like that crisp river water. For best results, book a rafting or kayaking tour with Six Rivers Rafting, Bigfoot Rafting, or Trinity River Rafting.

Take a cold shower or schedule a therapeutic ice bath in our beautiful clawfoot tub.

Stand in the middle of one of our creek bridges. We know this may sound strange, but the creeks act like little air conditioners. 

Take it slow. Relax in the shade. Do not feel like you need to schedule a hike during the heat of the day. 

Stay hydrated. Consider bringing a cold insulated Thermos like this one. Fill it with ice before you leave home.

Bring a cooler or rent one of ours.

If you still need a break from the heat, chill out in your car (we won't judge you). Most importantly, please remember to never leave your pet in your tent alone.

Tips To Stay Warm

If you are visiting us in the Winter, nights and mornings can get cold. Stay extra warm and cozy with these helpful tips:

Bring warm pajamas, base layers and heavy outer layers. Long underwear, wool socks and warm hats are a winter camper's best friends. We provide warm comforters on each bed, but it never hurts to bring your own sleeping bag. 

Consider investing in a portable camping heater like this one or rent ours, which comes with everything you need. You will be so glad you did. 

Each tent is equipped with a wood burning stove, so be sure to get plenty of firewood. Start a fire early to warm the tent before bedtime. 

If you still need a short break from the cold, you can warm up in your car (we won't judge you) or take a hot shower or hot bath. Hot water is a luxury you can not find at just any campsite.

Pack HotHands. Trust us, these are little life savers. Not only do they work well in socks, gloves, and coat pockets, but can be used to warm your bed at night. Consider a heated camping chair.

Bring hot drinks like hot chocolate, apple cider, or tea to sip on after the sun goes down. Stay hydrated even when it is cold.

Stay active, take a hike or strike up the BBQ to stay moving and keep warm. 

Why Do We Have To Pay For Firewood?

In our area, firewood costs between 400 to 600 dollars per cord (approximately a truck bed full). Even though Radio Ranch is surrounded by trees, we do not have the freedom to chop down our trees for firewood (nor would we want to). We use healthy, fallen local trees that have to be lugged out of the forest by hand. It takes at least one year for those trees to be "seasoned" for burning. Jeff cuts firewood rounds to size with a chainsaw, which requires chainsaw blades, a sharpening tool, oil, and a lot of time and effort. After creating rounds, he splits the firewood pieces by hand. As you can imagine, this is very difficult and time consuming; so, we have to charge for firewood in order to keep our nightly prices low. That way, only those who use firewood pay for firewood. Because this is a self service station based on the honor system, we want our guests to know how much time, energy and overhead goes into providing firewood onsite for your convenience. Please do not take firewood without paying for it. We sell firewood per piece because we feel this is the most fair way to keep our guests from buying firewood they may not end up using. Any firewood left over is "paid forward" to our next guests.

What's For Breakfast?

We are proud to provide our guests with a complementary "Hot Beverage and Breakfast Bites Bar" from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM. This includes an assortment of hot tea bags, hot apple cider mix, and hot cocoa powder. We include pour over coffee from our friends at Bella Rosa Coffee in Santa Rosa.  Bella Rosa offers an organic, low acid coffee that tastes wonderful! We also occasionally offer Folgers instant coffee, as well as an assortment of instant oatmeal and granola or cereal bars. Don't worry! We provide the hot, reverse osmosis water to make enjoying these items easy!


Seasonally, we may have fresh fruit available. We offer various sweeteners including honey and toppings like cinnamon as well as an assortment of flavor syrups to make your drinks extra yummy.


We will do our best to accommodate various dietary restrictions and tastes if we are made aware of these in advance, but please understand it may not always be possible. We try to include a variety of offerings so that there is something for everyone, but if you have special dietary requirements or tastes, please feel free to bring your own breakfast items.  

Best Food For Camping In 
Bear Country

When preparing for your trip, we encourage you to practice common sense bear safety. One of the ways you can help keep the campsite safe is by planning meals that will not attract bears. 

For example, plan to bring items with little scent or require little preparation. Some of these items might include:

  • Chips and Salsa

  • Fresh or Dried Fruit

  • Trail Mix

  • Peanut Butter or Cheese Crackers

  • Tortillas

  • Tortellini 

  • Rice

  • Protein Bars

  • Jerky

  • Mixed Nuts

  • Eggs

  • Salad Mix

Avoid cooking bacon and fish. Additionally, avoid using scented personal care items. Avoid eating or cooking at your tent and plan to store food outside of your tent. We recommend hoisting your cooler or bear box from a nearby tree. Best practices includes not storing excess food over night if at all possible. 

How Do I Monitor the Weather?

California is known for having "micro-climates." That means that the weather can vary significantly in a relatively short distance. Our weather in Burnt Ranch is different than it is in Arcata or Weaverville. It is even sometimes 10 degrees or so different that it is in Willow Creek (just 15 minutes away). Factors like windchill and altitude and cloud coverage contribute to these variations. It is important to monitor the weather in Burnt Ranch, Ca ahead of your stay.   

Remember that Radio Ranch is under a canopy of trees, which provides a cooling shade in the Summer months and can make your stay feel cooler in the Spring and Fall, especially at night. 

The best way to monitor the weather is to use the Weather App on your iPhone or check

During our open months, there may be weather events such as rain, smoke/wild fires, heat or cold. Please understand that we do not assume the comfort level of our guests. We leave the decision to visit or cancel a reservation to our guests. If you need to cancel, we understand. To ensure a full refund, please check your booking platform's cancellation policy.

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