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Tips for Staying Warm When Winter Camping

It is no secret that camping in the Fall or Winter, nights and mornings can get pretty cold, but do not let that keep you from enjoying the outdoors! Some of the most beautiful sites can be seen during these months. These are prime mushroom hunting and forest foraging times. These months usually mean big waterfalls, cozy campfires and fewer bugs. During colder months, enjoy worrying less about bears and more about making s'mores and hot chocolate.

The trick to enjoying the crisp evenings and cold mornings while winter camping is to stay extra warm with these helpful tips:

Bring warm pajamas, base layers and heavy outer layers. Long underwear, wool socks and warm hats are a winter camper's best friends.

Whether glamping or camping, it never hurts to bring a 4 season sleeping bag like this one.

Consider investing in a portable camping heater like this one. You will be so glad you did. 

Be sure to bring plenty of firewood. Always buy firewood locally to prevent spreading harmful, invaisive insects and tree disease. Start a fire early to warm the tent before bedtime.


If you need a break from the cold, warm up in your car (we won't judge you).

If your campsite offers it, take a hot shower or hot bath. Hot water is a luxury you can not find at just any campsite, so if you are visiting Radio Ranch Camp, be sure to take advantage of this luxurious ammenity.

Pack hand warmers. Trust us, these are little life savers. Not only do they work well in socks, gloves, and coat pockets, but can be put in your bed at night.

Bring hot drinks like hot chocolate, apple cider, or tea to sip on after the sun goes down. Stay hydrated even when it is cold. Bring a thermos to insulate your drinks from the cold.

Stay active, take a hike or grill up some dinner to stay moving and keep warm.

Check the weather ahead of your trip. Bring an umbrella or rain poncho. Staying dry means staying warm. Pack extra clothes and shoes just in case. Store valuables in a dry bag.

As always, remember to never leave pets unattended in your tent.

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